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Low-cost Autonomous Micro-robot for Swarm Robotics
Colias is a low-cost, open-platform, autonomous micro robot which has been developed for swarm robotic applications. Colias employs a circular platform with a diameter of 4 cm. 
It has a maximum speed of 35 cm/s that gives the ability to be used in swarm scenarios very quickly in large arenas. Long-range infrared modules with adjustable output power 
allow the robot to communicate with its direct neighbours from a range of 0.5 cm to 3 m.


The latest version of Colias has been tested successfully


Colias-Φ: a new edition of Colias to be used in Artificial Pheromone Communication System





COSΦ: an Artificial Pheromone Communication System for Swarm Robotic Research




Development of a bio-inspired vision system for Colias micro-robot




Colias- Affordable Mobile Robot (ICRA-2015) 



Computational Intelligence Lab (CIL), School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

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